Gerald Dial for Commissioner of Agriculture & Industries
Rise and shine, Alabama - It's Dial Time!


The Issues That Matter.


Growing the Economy

“I want to grow all of Alabama by creating jobs and better opportunities for the people of our state.”

– Senator Gerald Dial

Alabama is a leader in agriculture. Gerald Dial wants to help farmers be responsive to changing agricultural demands, find new markets for their crops, and foster the creation of high-paying agribusiness jobs. Gerald plans to increase agricultural exports from Alabama, opening a joint office with Cuba, Columbia, and South America.


Protecting Private Property Rights

“The ownership of property is one of the most fundamental American rights. I’ll stand up for every Alabamians and fight federal overreach.”

– Senator Gerald Dial

In Alabama, “we dare defend our rights.” No right is more crucial than property ownership. Protecting our property rights isn’t just a moral imperative, it’s an economic necessity. Gerald Dial will fight against federal overreach, ensuring that Alabama farmers will flourish.


Increasing Educational Opportunities

“Education is the key to growing the future of Alabama. I’ll work with our universities and school systems to ensure that the next generation of farmers are prepared.”

– Senator Gerald Dial

Gerald Dial will ensure the children of Alabama have agricultural educational opportunities to find jobs in a $70 billion industry. He will work with Auburn University - our state’s agricultural school - to create more opportunities for students to study about Alabama’s largest business.


Creating More Transparency

“Every public servant must be accountable to the taxpayer, and that includes the office of agriculture and industries.”

– Senator Gerald Dial

Alabamians are tired of politics as usual. Our Governor, Kay Ivey, has made a commitment to governmental transparency, and Gerald Dial is committed to extending that transparency to the office of Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries. Alabamians need to see how their tax dollars are benefitting them. Gerald is committed to transforming this department into an example for other branches of state government.


Implementing Government Efficiency

“We have a duty to ensure that tax dollars are spent efficiently and effectively. Governmental waste takes money out of our citizens’ pockets. That won’t happen in the Office of Agriculture and Industries when I’m Commissioner.”

– Senator Gerald Dial

Gerald Dial will take a close look at every program to ensure that they’re working for the citizens we are charged to serve. He will measure initiative effectiveness, eliminate frivolous spending, and make sure the office is working for you, the taxpayer. Gerald Dial will ensure that we’re directing resources to programs that grow farming in Alabama, not growing governmental bureaucracy.